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Name:Noctis Lucis Caelum
Birthdate:Aug 20
Character Name: Noctis Lucis Caelum
Canon: Final Fantasy 15
Canon Point: Beginning of Ch. 13
Age: 20

Personality: Noctis is a strange young man and a not so typical Prince. His penchant for sleep and overall lazy seeming behavior may make it seem otherwise, but it's balanced out with a few things: genuine disdain for vegetables and what looks to be a kindred spirit in cats. He seems capable of understanding what a feline needs and speaks to them in a soft tone unlike that of anyone else in the game; something like an adult may use when speaking to a toddler or baby sans actual baby talk. He also has a deep love for fishing bordering on being one of the very few things that actually makes the Prince visibly and vocally excited.

He also cares enough for the people of the world and of course in particular--his kingdom--to such a point that when he's told his father was aware of the coming sneak attack by an opposing kingdom, he's angered at the thought that his father knowingly sacrificed their citizens just to save him, his son and Prince. His tendency to fetch stuff for others without means of getting it themselves also speaks volumes to his commitment to others, even if he complains or tries to brush that fact off when having it pointed out or being teased by one of his close friends for it.

He can be a bit more loose than your average member of royalty, engaging in puns and general sarcasm with friends and those he becomes close to. Your average citizen can still expect short answers and a dismissive tone that isn't due to arrogance so much as it is simply the way Noctis is. He doesn't have a tendency to say big words or give long-winded speeches, preferring short and sweet to long and complicated. This can make him seem off-putting to pricklier characters, but not those that know him nor those smart enough to understand his type or tone.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: Thanks to the Lucis bloodline that he is a part of, Noctis can warp--basically short range teleporting--by throwing his weapon. It can be anywhere that he sees, including enemies or objects. He can also use his warping for quiet kills in need of stealth and the like. Noctis is proficient in the use of swords, broadswords/greatswords, spears, daggers, guns, machinery, and the former weapons of the past Kings of Lucis. When equipped, none of these things are visibly on his person and instead are summoned from thin air thanks to gifts of his bloodline.

When able he can use something called the Armiger, which allows use of all thirteen royal arms at once, even if he has none of them "equipped", so to speak. When activated Noctis is able to warp faster/instantaneously, and attack with each weapon he has at a blinding speed. When not fighting while activated, the arms can act as a shield, defending Noctis of their own accord. The Armiger does have a limit for him, however, and can only be used for a short amount of time. Aside from that he can run, jump, and sprint like a normal person. He can roll, flip, and is fairly flexible in combat to the point that he can fight briefly in the air...which brings me to phasing. So long as he has enough energy (MP), Noctis is able to automatically dodge nearly any attack by phasing, even if a group is focusing on him, or even if he's in mid-air.

Then there is the ring of Lucii. The ring comes with three abilities: Death, Holy, and Alterna. Death slowly drains the life force of an enemy to the point that it change the way they look physically until poof! they die and some of their life force transfers to healing Noctis if needed.

Holy is a defensive spell and is activated when Noctis dodges an enemy. Upon doing so the enemy is hit with a burst of white glowing energy.

Alterna is something else altogether. It breaks away reality and sends the enemy into another dimension/nothingness. Can work on anyone pretty much, though actually working that way tends to be random for stronger enemies.

His four items: The ring of Lucii, his dog Umbra, the red notebook him and his fiance used to write to each other, and a recipe for Kupoberry Cheesecake--in case Ignis doesn't have it.

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